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    We at M H A Business Consultancy Services Ltd are a registered Company in the UK, Company No: 11468070, who help our client(s)/customer(s) obtain finance via either direct lenders, particularly in the case of non-regulated Buy BTL (Buy To Let), Property Development & Bridging Finance. We ALSO work indirectly via our third party FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) Regulated affiliates who will help source finance on behalf of the client such as Residential Mortgages, Regulated Buy To Let Mortgages & Personal Loans, as we,' M H A Business Consultancy Services Ltd' are not authorised directly or indirectly with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) to conduct ANY Regualted Business.
    The only direct charge the customer will pay M H A Business Consultancy Services Ltd for the work we do on their behalf will be a nominal fixed basic fee which will differ according to the type of service required as follows: Personal Loans: £200 Bridging Finance: £250 Mortgage Brokerage: £250 Development Project Finance: £500 (Terms & Conditions will apply to the fees, further details are found in 'What is Our Refund Policy', 'Addional Fees' and within the relevant headings in the 'Book Online section'). ​ Please note in exceptional circumstances we may delay charging our initial fee(s) due by the client(s) for our service(s) intended until after he/she obtains loan/funding/finance/ mortgage from the lender. If you are struggling with your finances and are unable to meet our initial fee(s), then kindly mention this in the contact form for our consideration.
    We at M H A Business Consultancy Services Ltd Guarantee not to directly charge the consumer anything above what we agree on and stipulate at onset as per mentioned in the previous column headed 'What Are Our Charges', 'Addional Fees' and further detailed within the 'Book Online' (kindly read under each section for further details of our Terms & Conditions). ​ It is also worth noting: Additional Fees: In the rare occasion, further additional fees may also incur ONLY in the event your, the client/customer' financing case maybe deemed a non-conventional or what we would refer to as 'difficult case' and require specialist lenders and additional time to source or implement, in which case a total Maximum fee maybe applicable as follows: ​ Personal Loans: £400 Bridging Finance: £500 Mortgage Brokerage £500 Development Project Finance: £1,000 ​ However no extra money would ever be charged or taken without first full prior consent and agreement with YOU, the client/consumer. ​ We may also consider to defer charging the additional fee following the completion of the loan/funding/finance/mortgage, which will be subject to discussion. ​ Please also note: As expected you are likely to have further charges with the actual lenders and affiliates, where applicable, that are independent to us. ​ There could also be charges such as the Mortgage Arrangement Fee, Valuation Fee, Booking Fee directly with the lenders and Affiliate/ Broker Finders Fees. We may also recieve addiotional money indirectly from our affiliates/brokers in terms of commision split/broker fees, however this is not in addition to what you will be charged by our third party affiliates & brokers, but inclusive within the fees/commissions charged/recieved. You MUST discuss these charges with the third party lenders, providers & affiliates who are independent to us.
    We offer a 100% 'No Quibble-Hassle Free' refund policy if we are unable to successfully source a finance for you directly with a lender or via our affiliates, however this is subject to the following terms & conditions; ​ a) the fee will only be returned if we are unable to successfully source an appropriate finance (meaning: personal loan, mortgage, development funding or a bridging loan) on your behalf via the direct lenders and our affiliates we work with. ​ b) if a suitable finance (meaning: personal loan, mortgage, development funding or a bridging loan) is offered by a direct lender or by our affiliates and you decide to decline for whatever reason(s), then the fee will not be returned or will be returned at our discretion. ​ c) No fee is returnable if you decide to cancel or change your mind after 14 days of making the payment, unless section a) applies.
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M H A Business Consultancy Services Ltd, College House, Second Floor, 17 King Edwards Road, Ruislip, London, HA4 7AE.

Office: 0333 244 4823      I    Mobile: 0793 299 3784

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