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Mortgage Brokerage

Mortgage Brokerage


Our Mortgage Broker Fee is simple & transparent flat fee of £250.

    • Service Description

      This initial fee is the ONLY cost we will charge you directly for our services as your mortgage broker and is fully refundable if we are unable to successfully source a mortgage for you via our affiliates, however is subject to the following terms & conditions. a) the fee will only be returned if we are unable to successfully source an appropriate mortgage on your behalf via our affiliates. b) if a suitable mortgage is presented by our affiliates and you decide to decline for whatever reason(s). c) you decide to cancel or change your mind after 14 days of making the payment. d)further additional fees may also incur ONLY and in the event your mortgage case maybe a non-conventional or what we would refer to as 'difficult case' and require specialist lenders and additional time to source or implement, in which case a total fee of upto £500 maybe applicable, however no extra money would be charged or taken without first full prior confirmation and agreement with YOU, the client/consumer.

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